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Raw Ruminations 50 – By Jobber Joe

Raw Ruminations


Raw kicks off with a hot crowd. Sheamus and Orton beat the
Big Show. The show is augmented from the start with JBL on commentary. Sheamus
hit an insane electric chair drop on the massive Big Show.


Brock Lesnar destroys 3MB.


Kofi defeated Antonio to win the US strap.


It is bad when the best moment of Raw is a clip from the
previous week’s show of an alumnus of the Spirit Squad cashing the briefcase.


Fandango last week was a natural moment and it went viral.
This week’s segment was forced and overkill.


John Cena has a cliché filled promo in response to the heavy
breathing of Ryback.


Jack Swagger pins the world champion in a non-championship


CM Punk talks and then leaves.


Un-intentional funny segment featuring a Bella versus


“This match makes my eyeballs very happy”- Lawler

Things really take a turn when the King mentions that one Bella is bigger than the other, because one seems to have increased their

balcony since their hiatus. The awkward conversation about the increased breast
size is actually entertaining.  Brie
beats the Butterfly belt champion.


Cena and Ryback talk and stare at each other. The Shield is
shown backstage. Ryback leaves and the Shield attack Cena, Ryback enjoys the
carnage as the credits roll.



Not up to the post mania episode, but tolerable.


By Jobber Joe (follow and interact on Twitter @jobberjoe99)


Instead of a clip from Raw – this is an episode of my favorite WWE show Legends of Wrestling.


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